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Eastern European Collections

Belarus • Bulgaria • Czech Republic • Hungary • Poland • Republic of Moldova • Romania Russian FederationSlovakia Ukraine

  • [Bulgaria]. Eagleton (George D.) Stereoview Collection, ca. 1860s-2004. The collection contains ca. 6708 stereoviews, 179 other photographic images (most photo postcards), one videotape about stereoviews, 11 stereoviewers, and related books and issues of Stereo World, assembled by George D. Eagleton. The stereoviews, some exceedingly rare, include images from many parts of the U.S, and other countries. They cover subjects such as children, the Civil War, farming, Indians [Native Americans], logging, mining, planes, presidents, Russo-Japanese War, ships, Spanish American War, Trains, and World War I. Most of the stereoviews in the collection were produced in the latter nineteenth and early twentieth centuries by the Keystone View Company and Underwood and Underwood (which sold the work of a number of photographers). Numerous other companies also are represented. The cards were intended to be viewed through equipment such as stereopticans, which produced a three-dimensional effect. (Mss 255).
  • [Bulgaria]. Europe 1930s and WWII North Africa Photograph Album, ca. 1930s-1945. 185+ b/w photographs of a 1930s bicycle tour through Europe, including Germany (Dresden), Venice, Vienna, the Dolomites, Yugoslavia, Rumania (Bucharest), and Bulgaria (Sofia). (Bernath Mss 31).
  • Bulgaria Photograph Collection, ca. 1918-1952. 50 black and while photos/photo cards mostly of people and places in several locales in Bulgaria. Most have handwritten captions and notes that contain personal messages written to family and friends. The language and orthography used represent an older style of the Bulgarian language. Locations include Sofia (capital of Bulgaria) and smaller towns such as Kustendil, Vratza, Burgas, and Vurshez. One set of three photos appears to be from elsewhere in Eastern Europe. One of these photos is captioned with the name Zita Szeleczky, a Hungarian actress. (SC 1046).
  • Bulgaria World War I Frontier Guard Photograph Album, [ca. 1910s]. (SC 1059).
  • Bulgary [Bulgaria] Photograph Collection, ca. 1918-1966. 23 black/white images, many photo postcards, captions in Bulgarian, including soldiers in groups and on horseback, military band, pontoon bridge, wedding. (SC 1044).
  • [Romania]. Roach (Charles A.) Photograph Albums, 1938, 1948. Two albums, b/w photographs, of the travels of the Rev. Roach: 1938 (bicycling to Bucharest, with images of Cracow (and other parts of Poland), Czechoslovakia, Dobšina ice caves, Budapest, Jewish population at Puspokladany, Huedin, Roma (“gypsies”) in Romania, Orlat, farms, Brasov, Ploesh, Bucharest, the Danube, Venice, and England) and 1948 (Norwegian holiday, with images of Stockholm, Oslo, Lillehammer, Gjendesheim, hiking and mountain climbing, Sulheim manor, traditional dress, Naevodalen, Voss, farming, Osterbo, and Steinberdalen). (Bernath Mss 290).
  • Romania [Slatina] Photograph Album, ca. 1939-1943. (SC 980).
  • [Russia]. Aladdin Stereographs: Japan and Russia, 1901-1905. Boxed set of 42 Aladdin stereographs of Japan (including Japanese in Manchuria) and Russia, with printed captions in English. (Bernath Mss 86).
  • [Russia]. Alejo Petrowitz Czarewitz…and Don Carlos de Austria, ca. early 1700s. Two manuscripts, same handwriting, bound together; the first about Alexis Petrovich, son of Peter the Great of Russia, who died in prison in 1718; the second about Don Carlos, son of Philip II of Spain and Maria of Portugal, who was mentally unstable, imprisoned by his father in 1568, and died shortly thereafter. (Mss 191).
  • [Russia]. Allen [W. G.] Vladivostock, Russia Collection, 1898-1899. (Bernath Mss 261).
  • [Russia]. Astrinsky Family Yiddish – East European Postcard Album, ca. 1900-1924. Photograph album in a customized box labeled with the family name Astrinsky. The album contains 53 postcards, some in color, depicting a variety of people and places with messages handwritten in Yiddish. Many are from areas in Eastern Europe including such locales as Warsaw and Białystok. Captions are in Russian, Polish, Yiddish, and German. Other cards feature locations in the U. S. such as Niagara Falls, Yellowstone National Park, and Santa Barbara, California. A number of the cards are addressed to a Mr. J. Astrinsky in Brooklyn, New York. There are also a handwritten (in Yiddish) note laid in and three handwritten documents (in Yiddish) tipped in. (Bernath Mss 108).
  • [Russia]. “Battle of Petropavlovsk and Escape of the Kamchatka Squadron of Admiral Zavoiko,” by V. Berezovski (St. Petersburg, 1898), translated from the Russian by Nicolai H. Hiller, 1942. (SC 1003).
  • [Russia]. Berends Family Papers, 1790s-early 1900s. Mainly pertaining to Russian diplomat Axel de Berends and his career, latter 19th century, in Brazil, Stockholm, and Madrid. Majority of letters and documents in Russian. Also notes and documents re research into history of the family [de Berends / von Berends]. (Bernath Mss 230).
  • [Russia]. Emerson (George Harrington) / Russian Railway Service Corps Collection, 1917-1919. (Bernath Mss 374).
  • [Russia]. German World War II Russian Front Photograph Album, ca. 1941. (Bernath Mss 190).
  • [Russia]. Hiller Family Papers, 1851-1960s. Typescript carbon of “A Leaf from My Experiences in Siberia and How I Got There,” by Henry W. Hiller, describing his life 1851-1861 as cabin boy aboard the whaler Maria Theresa, the Crimean War, and trip to Siberia and back. Also, typescript of his wife’s “Letters of Liuboff M. Hiller: Translated from Russian to English,” mainly letters to her from family and friends, most from Russia, 1861-1914. Both volumes apparently transcribed, typed, and some footnotes added by unknown party in the 1960s. (Mss 273).
  • [Russia]. India and Ceylon Photograph Album, ca. 1900. 241 hand-colored photographs with captions in Russian, including scenes of Agra (including Taj Mahal) and Kandy, Ceylon. (Bernath Mss 250).
  • [Russia]. Japan, Irkutsk (Siberia), and Manchuria Photograph Collection, 1901-1902. Eleven b/w photos, most with captions on the back, including scenes of Japanese rickshaws and people, Japanese station and hotel, orthodox church and museum in Irkutsk, horse and cart carrying firewood, and railway water tower in Manchuria. (SC 833).
  • [Russia]. Kamchatka Photograph Album, ca. 1894. 24 mounted black/white photographs of the Kamchatka Peninsula and the Bering Sea, with captions in Russian. Includes images of the visit of a Russian naval ship, as well as two other ships, the H.M.S. Daphne and the U.S.S. Petrel. In 1894 the U.S.S. Petrel was dispatched to the Bering Sea to discourage seal poaching and later took part in Dewey’s capture of Manila Bay. (Bernath Mss 175).
  • [Russia]. Kars Photograph Album, ca. 1878-1921. 24 b/w images, captions in Russian. Kars, now part of Turkey, was part of the Russian Empire at the time. Mainly photos of landscapes from the Agri Dagi mountains south of Kars or the routes north of Kars to Oltu, Artvin, Ardahan, and Batum. Several show small mounted parties of Russian officers and Cossacks, as well as close-ups of Kurdish groups, a salt mine, the ruined fortress at Oltu, waterfalls, local inhabitants drawing water at a spring, and stone bridges. (Bernath Mss 53).
  • [Russia]. Nabokov [Vladimir] Collection, 1966-1987. Correspondence, drafts and proofs for Pale Fire (Russian translation), Perepisksa s sestroi, and Pnin, publisher files, and issues of magazines, journals, and newspapers containing articles by Nabokov. (Mss 86).
  • [Russia]. Philippines Photograph Album, ca. 1910-1919. Also includes photos of American Expeditionary Force in Vladivostok, Russia; and 3 or so of Nagasaki port. (Bernath Mss 202).
  • [Russia]. Pushkin, Alexander Sergeyevich (1799-1837). Russian poet. Holdings include fine press editions of The Golden Cockerel by C.W. Beaumont (1918) [Printers Z276.5.P885 1918] and the Limited Editions Club (1950) [Printers Z239.L5 P88 1950], Gabriel (1929) illustrated by Rockwell Kent [Printers Z239.S7 P88 1929],Boris Godunov (1985) by Sixth Chamber Press [Printers Z239.2.R3 P88 1985], Four Stories (1987) by the Allen Press [Printers Z239.A46 P88 1987 vault], and Arion(2002) by the Arion Press [Printers Z239.A726 P88 2002]. Additionally, several of Pushkin’s works have been set to music and recorded on 78 rpm records, such as I Love You, Olga! [PA ARVM-16542].
  • [Russia]. Siberia Photograph Album, ca. 1895. (Bernath Mss 150).
  • [Russia]. Sokolov [Sasha] Collection, ca. 1975-1991. Manuscripts, photographs, and correspondence of the Soviet émigré novelist, poet, and essayist. (Mss 117).
  • [Russia]. Thomson (Leslie) / Russia Photograph Album, ca. 1902-1907. Includes images of Baku oilfields and earthquake of 1907. (Bernath Mss 371).
  • [Russia]. Tolstoy, Leo (1828-1910). Russian writer. Holdings include What to Do? Thoughts Evoked by the Census of Moscow (1887) [Spec PG3366.C48], The Kreutzer Sonata (1890) [Spec PG3366.K7 1890], Science et Religion (1895) in French [Darwin BL240.T68 1895], Sur la Question Sexuelle (1901) in French [Spec HQ31.T64 1901], Redemption (1919) [Spec PG3366.A19 1919b], and Stories and Legends (1946) [Spec PG3366.A15 M38]. Fine press editions of Where God Is, Love Is (1924) by Ashendene Press [Printers Z239.2.A75 T64 vault]; also Anna Karenina(1933) [Spec PG3366.A6 1933], War and Peace (1938) [Spec PG3366.V6 1938],Resurrection (1963) [Spec PG3366.V7 W5 1963b and Printers Z239.L5 T65], andChildhood, Boyhood, Youth (1972) [Printers Z239.L5 T64], all by the Limited Editions Club.
  • [Russia]. World War II German Engineer Bridging Battalion Photograph Album, 1941-1943. About 265 b/w photos, with captions in German, including troops on eastern front, convoys and bridges, in Poland and Russia, captured fighter and bomber aircraft, artillery, tanks, barracks, and scenes with local population. (SC 854).
  • Russia Cartes de Visité, ca. latter 1800s. Five black and white photographs (cdvs), portraits of young Russian men in various uniforms. (SC 971).
  • Russia [Kemlya] Photograph Album, 1867-1868. (Bernath Mss 182).
  • Russia, Norway, and Sweden Photograph Album, ca. 1900-1910. (Bernath Mss 370).
  • Russian Photograph Collection, ca. 1900. Six b/w matted photographs, including scenes of Cossacks, castle/fortress in the Caucasus, views of Kazbeck and Tiflis, young Russian girl with tea cart, and a monument “1000 Years of Russia.” At least two of the photos were taken by Henry Winans Hiller (1838-1926), a pioneer in the Russian-American trade and U.S. consul during the Lincoln administration. (SC 783).
  • [Slovakia]. Poljak [Pavol] World War II Slovakia Photograph Collection, ca. 1940s. (Bernath Mss 355).
  • [Ukraine]. Soviet Soldier’s Photograph Album, ca. 1984. (Bernath Mss 154).
  • Ukrainian Cabinet Card, [ca. 1904]. Studio photograph of two young men and one young woman. (SC 1080).
  • Ukrainians in America Photograph Album, ca. 1945-1958. (Bernath Mss 349).