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Chicano/Latino Resources

The Department of Special Collections at the University of California, Santa Barbara, has a wide range of ethnographic, historical, literary, music, and other resources related to Chicano/Latino Studies. This includes books, serials, pamphlets, newspapers, letters, diaries, documents, photographs, and sound recordings. Materials can be found using the UCSB Library Catalog, the OAC-Online Archives of California, and by subject using our Subject Guides as well as the Alphabetical List of Collections.

The majority of our Chicano/Latino Studies material is part of the CEMA collections.

Additional resources can be found at UCSB and its various libraries. For details, consult the Research Guide for Chicana/o Studies, the Department of Chicana and Chicano Studies, the Chicano Studies Institute and Colección Tloque Nahuaque. The UCSB Research Databases provides useful links to relevant resources at other institutions regarding Chicano/Latino Studies.

Related Resources include:

Manuscript Collections

The following is a partial list of collections held at the Department of Special Collections related to Chicana/o Studies.

  • Acosta (Oscar Zeta) Papers, 1936-1990. Personal and biographical information, correspondence, photographs, political and legal activity files, writings (reviews, articles and newsclippings) of the activist, attorney, and author of The Autobiography of a Brown Buffalo and The Revolt of the Cockroach People. Some materials post-date Acosta’s mysterious 1974 disappearance in Mexico. (CEMA 1).
  • Alarcon (Norma) Papers. (CEMA 110).
  • Alicia (Juana) Collected Works Digitized Art Collection, 1983-2006. The collection presently consists of one series, Series I Artwork, made up of digitized images of 137 works of art spanning the years from 1983 through 2006. (CEMA 106).
  • Almaraz (Carlos) and Los Four Ephemera Collection. (CEMA 111).
  • Alurista [Alberto Urista] Papers, 1954-2010. Scripts, correspondence, photographs, autographed books and ephemera of the Chicano artist and poet, one of the leading literary figures of the Chicano Movement era, who helped to establish The Centro Cultural de la Raza in San Diego. (CEMA 21).
  • Aztlán Collection, 1970-1988. Video archives on the Chicano Movement. (CEMA 63).
  • Califas: Chicano Art and Culture in California . Video archives, with interviews of individuals such as Ralph Maradiaga, Victor Ochoa, Ernesto Palomino, Patricia Rodriguez, and Luis Valdez; festivals, performances, and other events; and Califas conferences. (CEMA 104).
  • Camplís (Francisco) Papers, 1967-2000 . Mainly files pertaining to professional activities, and photographs, of the Chicano artist, photographer, and filmmaker. (CEMA 47).
  • Carrillo (Sean) Collection, ca. 1990s. Materials relating to the Chicano musician. (CEMA 85).
  • Centro Cultural de La Raza Archives, 1970-1999. Slides and other materials relating to the San Diego artists’ collective, co-founded in 1970 by Chicano poet Alurista and artist Victor Ochoa. Known as a center of indigenismo (indigenism) during the Aztlán phase of Chicano art in the early 1970s. (CEMA 12).
  • Chicano Art Movement Collection, 1970-2001 . Articles and other materials, from various sources, relating to California-based Chicano artists and visual arts centers, including Guillermo Gomez Peña, Ester Hernández Yolanda López, and the art group Mujeres Muralistas. (CEMA 37).
  • Chicano Tattoo Body Art Collection, ca. 1970s . Small collection of 71 slides of unknown provenance that suggest a possible ethnocentric study on gang life in San Gabriel Valley, California. Included in the slides are images of tattoos and tattooing, as well as images of picnics, confrontations with police, graffiti, and group shots. Also included is an article from the San Diego Union-Tribune on the meaning of tattoos and tattooing. (CEMA 98).
  • Colacion (Lawrence) Papers. Graphic artwork and related materials of the Chicano graphic artist Lawrence “El” Colacion. (CEMA 94).
  • Comisión Feminil Mexicana Nacional (CFMN) Archives, 1967-1997 [bulk dates 1970-1990]. Files of the CFMN, a national organization of women, founded in 1970 to enhance and promote the image of Chicana/Latina women in all levels of society. Today there are local chapters that are active, but the national organization is defunct. (CEMA 30).
  • Corona [Bert] Oral History Collection, 1937-1995 . Interviews by UCSB faculty member Mario T. Garcia with Bert and Blanche Corona, resulting in an autobiography of the Mexican American labor organizer and political activist. Also, related materials such as photographs. (CEMA 51).
  • Corpi [Lucha] Papers, 1958-2000. Biographical/personal files, literary work, and photographs of the celebrated Chicana author. (CEMA 26).
  • Cruz [Ricardo] / Catolicos por la Raza Papers, 1967-1993 . Correspondence, legal documents, transcripts, photographs, news clippings and ephemera of Cruz, a Chicano rights attorney during the Chicano Movement era and advocate for Latino poor people of the Los Angeles area. Founder of the controversial Católicos por la Raza, which demonstrated against the Catholic Church for its neglect of the Latino community. Also known for his successful legal battle against Los Angeles County’s forced sterilization of undocumented workers. (CEMA 28).
  • De la Garza Collection on the Latino Museum of History of Art and Culture. (CEMA 52).
  • Dos Décadas de Artistas Chicanas Exhibition Collection. Created from internal CEMA files about Dos Decadas de Artistas Chicanas (1972-1990): Envisioning and Transforming Culture, an exhibition co-sponsored by CEMA and held in the UCSB Women’s Center Gallery. Ester Hernandez and Yreina Cervantez, two of the artists represented in the exhibit, were the guest speakers. The collection consists of audiocassettes and transcriptions of the opening remarks and the artists’ slide lectures, as well as event publicity (handbill, press release and news articles). (CEMA 017).
  • Duardo (Richard) Collection of Silkscreen Prints, 1976-1986  . Materials of the Chicano graphic artist. (CEMA 65).
  • Duke Dos Santos [Maria] Papers. Correspondence, photographs, and ephemera from one of the earliest scholars in the field of Chicano literature, documenting her close relationship to renowned Chicano writers over three decades. The main subjects of the collection are writers Rolando Hinojosa, Tomas Rivera (former Chancellor UC Riverside), and Sabine Ulibarri. (CEMA 105).
  • Galería de la Raza (GDLR) Archives, ca. 1966-1999. Administrative records, programs, subject files, correspondence, clippings, slides, photographs, serigraphs, posters, silkscreen prints, ephemera and other creative materials documenting activities of the San Francisco Bay Area Chicano cultural arts center. Includes work by many of the prominent Chicano(a)/Latino(a) artists, such as Juana Alicia, Rodolfo (Rudy) Cuellar, Alfredo De Batuc, Ricardo Favela, Gilbert Luján (Magu), Ralph Maradiaga, Juanishi Orosco, Irene Pérez, Patricia Rodríguez, and René Yañez. (CEMA 4).
  • Galería Las Americas Archives, ca. 1989-1999. Press and exhibition files, artist portfolios, correspondence, photographs and slides of the gallery founded by Chicana artist Linda Vallejo in 1989. Includes material relating to artists such as David Botello, Nik Fernández, Wayne Healy, Mario G. López, Isabel Martinez, Tony Ortega, Rodrigo Palacios, Sara Palacios, Daniel Salazar, Teddy Sandoval, Rudy Torres, Linda Vallejo, and René Vásquez. (CEMA 27).
  • García [Adelina] Collection. Sheet music, programs and playbills, publicity, performance and social photographs, photo postcards, news clippings, some correspondence, and magazines containing articles about García, renowned singer of the golden era of the Mexican romantic bolero. (CEMA 23).
  • Garcia [Josė Joel] Collection. (CEMA 73).
  • Garcia [Mario] Oral History, ca. 1990. Interviews re Garcia’s academic career, from his undergraduate and graduate studies, including his doctoral work at UCSD and anti-war activities, as well as the development of the Chicano Studies Department at UCSB. (OH 39).
  • Garcia (Rupert and Sammi Madison) Collection. Personal collection of an Oakland-based artist, comprised of 562 vintage silkscreen prints and posters by predominantly Chicano, Black, and Asian American artists. (CEMA 101).
  • Gonzalez (Luis C.) Papers. Works of art on paper by the Sacramento, California based Chicano artist, also known as Louie-the-foot). (CEMA 74).
  • Gonzalez (Maya) Papers. Slides of art work and biographical ephemera of acclaimed San Francisco-based Chicana painter and children’s book illustrator. (CEMA 103).
  • Guerrero [Dan] Collection on Latino Entertainment and the Arts. Materials relating to and collected by Dan Guerrero, Chicano producer, actor, and writer. (CEMA 78).
  • Guerrero [Lalo] Collection. Photographs, videos, correspondence, phonograph records, audio-cassettes and scrapbooks of singer, musician, and composer Guerrero, known as the “Father of Chicano Music.” (CEMA 24).
  • Guerrero [Mark] Collection. Materials relating to Chicano musician Mark Guerrero. (CEMA 86).
  • Limon (Leo) Papers, 1975-2008 [bulk dates 1997-2008]. Small collection of silkscreen prints, photographs, ephemera and some correspondence from Limon, a popular, veteran Chicano art movement artist with close ties to the Chicano cultural arts centers Self-Help Graphics & Art and the defunct Mechicano Art Center. (CEMA 95).
  • Lopez (Yolanda) Papers, 1961-1998. Personal and professional materials generated by Chicana artist Lopez, the bulk consisting of incoming personal correspondence from family members (esp. Analee Lively, Lopez’s half-sister) and fellow artists such as Rene Yañez, with whom Lopez has maintained a relationship since the late 1970s. Also, biographical and professional materials, with clippings of media mentions, announcement cards and posters for her exhibits and lectures, and various miscellaneous files and clippings that relate to her work; several original silkscreens and offset posters, a number of slides, a personal diary with irregular entries spanning from 1976-1979, and two video cassettes featuring Lopez. (CEMA 11).
  • M. (Rosa) Papers, 1986-2002 . Correspondence, photographs, artistic works, and other materials of the Chicana artist and muralist. (CEMA 22).
  • Maradiaga [Ralph] Collection. (CEMA 35).
  • MEChA Collection. Materials relating to El Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlán (MEChA), Chicano student movement of Aztlán. (CEMA 36).
  • Mendez [Miguel] Papers. Original literary manuscripts and essays, correspondence files, photographs, an unpublished novel, ephemera, audio-tapes, and files related to the literary magazine he directed at Pima College, of Mendez, one of the leading writers in the field of Chicano literature. (Mss 239).
  • Miranda [Marcy] Collection. Recordings and transcripts of oral history interviews with the past presidents of the Comision Femenil Mexicana Nacional. (CEMA 53).
  • Montoya (José) Papers, 1969-2001. Art work, poems, manuscripts and publications of Chicano artist, poet and political activist Montoya, who co-founded the Royal Chicano Air Force. (CEMA 20).
  • Ochoa (Victor) Collection, 1962-2000. Art files, exhibition files, ephemera, posters and prints and other printed matter, photographs and slides, correspondence files, and recordings of the Chicano painter/muralist long considered to be one of the pioneers of San Diego’s Chicano art movement and co-founder of the Centro Cultural de la Raza in Balboa Park, a multidisciplinary community-based arts center devoted to producing and preserving Indian, Mexican, and Chicano art and culture. (CEMA 66).
  • Ornelas [Carlos] Papers. Materials relating to the Chicano activist/educator. (CEMA 84).
  • Orquesta [Medellin] Collection, ca. 1928-1950. Photograph album of a Los Angeles based musical "conjunto" and family photos of the group’s female lead. (CEMA 45).
  • Prigoff (James) Slide Collection, 1975-2003. 429 slides, overwhelmingly of mural art and of spray can art, visually documenting important aspects of the Chicano art movement in California, in particular in the San Diego and Tijuana area. (CEMA 102).
  • Rodríguez (Patricia) Collection. Materials of the Chicana artist and muralist. (CEMA 67).
  • Rojo [Charles] Papers. Materials relating to the Chicano musician. (CEMA 91).
  • Royal Chicano Air Force Archives, 1973-1988. Extensive collection of slides and silkscreen prints, along with administrative records, news clippings, correspondence, exhibition descriptions and flyers, photographs, creative writings, and miscellaneous publications of the Sacramento-based artists collective. Founding members of the RCAF include José Montoya, Esteban Villa, Juanishi V. Orosco, Ricardo Favela, and Rudy Cuellar. (CEMA 8).
  • Self-Help Graphics and Art Archives, ca. 1960-1992. Extensive collection of silk screen prints and slides, as well as organizational records, photographs, and ephemera of the Los Angeles cultural arts center and studio. Founded in the early 1970s, during the height of the Chicano Civil Rights movement, by Mexican artists, Carlos Bueno and Antonio Ibañez, and several Chicano artists, including Frank Hernandez and Sister Karen Boccalero. (CEMA 3).
  • Silva (Simon) Papers. Personal papers, including artwork and professional files, of the Latino artist. (CEMA 68).
  • Suman (Alvaro) Papers. Materials of a longtime Santa Barbara Chicano resident, painter, sculptor, and ceramicist. (CEMA 90).
  • El Teatro Campesino Archives, 1964-1988 . Scripts, photographs, posters, printed materials, audio and videotapes, and other materials, constituting the largest archival collection on Chicano theater. Includes biographical/historical information pertaining to playwright and director Luis Valdez, theater company players, and interactions with many important cultural, political, literary, and artistic individuals since its founding in 1965. Documents the development of Teatro, from the early farm workers’ strike years in 1965 through 1967, establishment of the San Juan Bautista center, and commercial theater and film productions from 1977 to 1988. (CEMA 5).
  • Templeton (Rini) Collection, 1970-1999. Materials of the Chicana artist, sculptor, and political activist. (CEMA 69).
  • Torero (Mario) Collection. Materials of the San Diego artist, political activist, and teacher, also known as co-founder of several local cultural organizations, including the Centro Cultural de la Raza, the Chicano Park Murals Outdoor Museum, and the San Diego/Tijuana artists’ group United By Art (UBA). (CEMA 44).
  • Torres (Salvador Roberto) Papers, 1934-2002 [bulk dates 1962-2002]. Personal and biographical information, files relating to professional activities and teaching, and correspondence of the Mexican-American artist, mural painter, and activist, best known for his work in creating San Diego’s Chicano Park, which includes the largest collection of Chicano murals in the world, and as a founder of the Centro Cultural de la Raza and Las Toltecas en Aztlán, a Chicano artists group. (CEMA 38).
  • Tosti [Don] Papers. Materials from the Mexican American musician (Edmundo Martínez Tostado) known as the "Godfather of Latino rhythm and blues," who played in jazz and dance bands of Jack Teagarden, Les Brown and Jimmy Dorsey, and who was Hoagie Carmichael’s arrangements ghost writer for the last 13 years of his life. (CEMA 88).
  • UCSB, Center for Chicano Studies Records, ca. 1963-2002 [bulk dates 1969-1984]. Includes administrative files, correspondence, and files on research and projects, programs, conferences and events. (UArch 25).
  • UCSB, El Centro Collection, 1975-1990. Collection contains documents relating to the Chicano Studies movement on campus, including correspondence with the administration on concerns, reports on progress of various units of El Centro, and space relocation. (UArch 71).
  • UCSB, Department of Chicana and Chicano Studies Records, ca. 1970-2003. Contain files relating to the history and development of the department, including administrative and subject files, course syllabi, department brochures, programs, and reviews. (UArch 15).
  • UCSB, Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) Records, 1967-2005. Comprised of correspondence, reports, clippings, administrative and subject files, and other documents relating to the program. Includes materials on student affirmative action and the 1989 hunger strike. (UArch 20).
  • UCSB, Ethnic Studies Protest Collection, 1989-1995. This collection contains information about the 1989 and 1994 hunger strikes at UCSB that led, among other results, to the ethnic and gender studies undergraduate requirements and the eventual Ph.D. program in Chicana/o Studies. (CEMA 93).
  • UCSB, Student Organizations Collection, ca. 1935-2001 [bulk dates 1960s-1980s]. The collection contains mainly flyers and posters for events, issues of interest, meetings, etc. for student organizations, clubs, and groups. Includes files on ethnic, GLBT, women’s, political & protest, religious & spiritual groups. Some files on Isla Vista, including student services, events, and groups not directly affiliated with the university but formed by students, are included, as well as files on student protests, including the bank burning and Vietnam War. (UArch 101).
  • Valdez [Luís] Papers. Materials of the Chicano playwright, filmmaker, and founder of El Teatro Campesino. (CEMA 71).
  • Vallejo (Linda) Papers, 1975-2001. Photographs, slides, posters, correspondence, publications and ephemera of the Chicana painter, sculptor, printmaker, and founder of Galeria Las Americas. (CEMA 76).
  • Vasquez (Emigdio) Papers. Slides of Vasquez’ work, together with photographs, silk screen prints, videos, interviews, correspondence, project files, and mural renderings of the Orange, California based Chicano painter and muralist. One of the pioneering artists of the Chicano Art Movement, Vasquez is known for his contemporary realism, capturing the lives of the working class in the Chicano community. (CEMA 43).
  • Villa (Esteban) Papers, 1974-2002. Original sketches, correspondence, exhibition announcements, collected writings, and research files of the Sacramento Chicano artist and muralist, and one of the founding members of the Royal Chicano Air Force, an artists’ cultural collective. (CEMA 50).