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African American Collections

Other Holdings

The following is a partial list of manuscripts held in other collecting areas outside CEMA. For additional resources please visit the African American Collections at Special Collections.

  • Black-Jewish Information Center Press Releases, 1979-1983  (ARC Mss 38)
  • Age of Segregation Oral History Project, 1989 (OH 49)
  • Clark (Claude) Oral History, 1995 (OH 29)
  • Mackey (Anita J.) Oral History, [ca. 1994] (OH 14)
  • McRee (Rev. James F.) Oral History, 1989 (OH 63)
  • 1st South Carolina/33rd US Colored Troops Records, ca. 1861-1865 (Wyles Mss 30)
  • African American Photograph Album, ca. latter 1800s (Wyles Mss 130)
  • African American Sheet Music, ca. 1880-1971 (Wyles Mss 146)
  • African American Stereoviews, ca. 1900 (Wyles SC 989)
  • African American Tintypes, ca. 1860-1890 (Wyles SC 1010)
  • Phelps, A. C. [U.S. Infantry Colored, 93rd Regiment (Vol), Company I], 1864 (Wyles SC 434)
  • Shepard (Isaac F.) Collection, ca. 1860s. Civil War era materials of ranking officer for African American troops (Wyles Mss 74)
  • Slave Child Cartes de Visit, ca. 1863 (Wyles SC 1016)
  • Slave Documents Collection, bills of sale, manumission papers, and other, ca. 1711-1878 (Wyles Mss 75)
  • Slavery Era Insurance Documents, ca. 1847-1860 (Wyles Mss 97)
  • Whitney (Daniel S.) Papers, 1864-1977 (Wyles SC 298)