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Journal Articles: Arts and Humanities: 1975 to present; Sciences: 1945 to present; Social Sciences: 1900 to present.; Conference Proceedings: 1990-present; Books: 2005-present

Web of Science consists of nine databases: Arts & Humanities Citation Index, Social Sciences Citation Index, and Science Citation Index Expanded for journal aritcles; Conference Proceedings Citation Index - Science and Conference Proceedings - Social Sciences and Humanities; Book Citation Index - Science and Book Citation Index - Social Sciences and Humanities; and Current Chemical Reactions and Index Chemicus. Web of Science covers thousands of research journals, and extensive collections of conference proceedings and books. across hundreds of disciplines. Both the science and social sciences journal article files offer searchable author abstracts. All three databases are updated weekly. 

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Arts & Humanities Citation Index; Social Sciences Citation Index; Science Citation Index
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Science Citation Index, Web of Knowledge

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