The Evolution of UCSB Library’s Cartographic Collections & Services

Fifty years ago, the UCSB Library created a separate unit to collect maps and aerial photographs. In 1979, the Map Room was renamed the Map & Imagery Laboratory (MIL) in order to acknowledge its role in supporting research and teaching on campus.  In the time since, MIL has evolved into one of the largest unique collections of cartographic materials in the nation. In particular, our collection of historic aerial photographs presents an unparalleled view of landscape change in California and beyond.

About MIL

Located in the UCSB Library, the Map & Imagery Laboratory (MIL) contains maps, aerial photographs and other types of remote sensing data, and GIS data from around the globe. It is the largest such collection in any academic library. MIL serves the academic and research needs of the University of California, the state university system, business, industry, federal and state government, and other domestic and foreign educational institutions.

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