Alexandria Digital Research Library (ADRL)


The Alexandria Digital Research Library (ADRL) is UC Santa Barbara Library's home for collections of digital research materials. This comprehensive digital library is intended to increase access to millions of hidden digital research assets in the UCSB Library's possession and, ultimately, serve as a single federated dashboard or front end to discovering all of the Library's resources.

The first phase of ADRL launched in April 2014, making theses and dissertations created by UCSB graduate students since 2011* available to the UCSB community. In phase two, scheduled to be completed in June 2014, a representative subset of several thousand objects in the UCSB Library's existing digital collections will be added. The UCSB Library is working to identify additional research materials for digitization and delivery via ADRL.

Anyone may search the database and read the abstracts.  To view full text of UCSB digital theses and dissertations you either must be using a computer that is on campus, or you must authenticate using the UCSB proxy server.

* NOTE:  Only a small number of theses and dissertations are available for the year 2011.  Complete coverage begins those which were submitted from 2012 to the present.

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ADRL (Alexandria Digital Research Library)

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