UC Launches Demand Driven Acquisition (DDA) Pilot

The UC libraries have launched a consortial Demand Driven Acquisition (DDA) pilot program for 2014.  DDA is a new acquisition model that enables libraries to purchase monographs based on demonstrated needs of faculty and students in order to align cost with value as effectively as possible.  Though many of the UC libraries have implemented DDA programs locally, the pilot is the first systemwide implementation, and the first use of this approach at UCSB. 

The pilot began in January 2014 and includes approximately 2,500 ebooks in humanities and social sciences published by 65 university press publishers from 2010 to 2014.  For library users, ebook acquisition via DDA is invisible and behind-the-scenes.  The ebooks in the pilot are discoverable in the local UC campus library catalogs, including UCSB's catalog, as well as in Melvyl.  Browsing one of these titles for more than 10 minutes, turning more than 10 unique pages, or printing, copying, or downloading one or more pages triggers a short-term loan (STL) that lasts for 24 hours; during this time, the ebook is fully accessible across the UC campuses, but to only one user at a time.  After three STLs, a UC consortial purchase is triggered by another use of 10 minutes, 10 page turns, etc.  Once purchased, the book is available to three simultaneous users anywhere on the UC campuses.  The pilot, intentionally limited in scope, will provide data on how UC faculty and students interact with ebooks in the humanities and social sciences, and it will help determine the feasibility of an expanded UC consortial DDA program.