"Hunger for Justice" Display on View in South Hall

Demonstrating the power of collaboration, a multidisciplinary and multi-generational team of faculty, students and archivists went to work to put up a new campus photo display entitled, "Hunger for Justice." Installed in the Chicana/o Studies Department's display case on the first floor of South Hall, the display commemorates the 25th anniversary of the 1989 UCSB students' hunger strike and the 20th anniversary of the 1994 UCSB students' hunger strike that ended on May 5, 1994. Support for the display was provided by the UCSB Library's California Ethnic and Multicultural Archives (CEMA) and the Chicano Studies Institute. The display will be on view through the summer.

Co-curators included Professor Ralph Armbruster-Sandoval, graduate student Rosie Bermudez, El Congreso student leader Jacqueline Partida, CEMA archives intern Eva Rios-Alvarado, and CEMA Director Sal Güereña.   

Former hunger strikers Alma Flores and Naomi García contributed photos, as did former UCSB student Lisa Valencia Sherratt. Materials from CEMA's Ethnic Studies Protests Collection rounded out the display.