New Digital Topographic Data !

Havana, Cuba topo base showing data layers of roads, rivers and rail lines. Topographic mapping, or base map information, is frequently difficult to access for countries whose diplomatic relations with the United States may be strained.  Additionally, foreign governments often consider detailed topographic maps and data to be sensitive information and do not allow it to be exported. In these situations, the Library turns to commercial sources for this information. The Map & Imagery Laboratory is committed to collecting global topographic data at 1:250,000 or better.  The map of Havana harbor above represents a new set of digital data of Cuba, Cuba 1:100K GeoWGS84 DRGs & vectors. It can be found at the MIL service desk by asking for this call number:  4800s 100 .U51 CD

Our print collection of  foreign topographic maps series are listed here with indexes (if available).