Curators' Talk: The Emergence of the Bill of Rights (Mar. 6, 4pm)

On Thursday, March 6 at 4pm, Professors William B. Warner (English & Comparative Literature) and Patricia Cline Cohen (History) will speak about curating the exhibition in Special Collections, "The Emergence of the Bill of Rights." At the centerpiece of the exhibition is an extremely rare June 13, 1789 issue of The New-York Daily Gazette newspaper containing one of the earliest printings of James Madison’s proposed amendments to the new Constitution.

Professor Warner will speak on: "A Privacy Crisis?: The Bill of Rights, the Fourth  Amendment, and the Case of Edward Snowden."

Professor Cohen's talk is titled "Enumerations of rights: Can there be too many?" She will comment on long-term precedents for what came to be called the Bill of Rights, the various calls for rights during the ratification process, and the sifting from 17 to 12 to 10 in the final approved document.

The talk, which is free and open to the public, will be held in the Library's Mary Cheadle Room.