Looking for a Student to Curate a Writing Exhibition in Library

Woman at typewriterWhat do writers do? What do writing processes look like in practice and in action? To explore these questions, the UCSB Library and Writing Program will collaborate to present an exhibition that makes visible the writing process through drafts of various types of writing—from fiction to poetry, from literary analyses to lab reports. Items for the exhibition will be solicited from current faculty, students, administration, staff, and other writers on campus, as well as drawn from Special Collections and the University Archives in the Library. Included artifacts could include writing in multiple languages by famous authors and Nobel Prize-winning faculty. The goal of the exhibition is to demonstrate in a visually compelling manner the messiness that goes into producing published texts. The exhibition will be presented in spring 2014. 

The Library and Writing Program are currently looking for an advanced undergraduate or graduate student to work during the winter quarter on the curation of this still-to-be-titled exhibition. Independent study or internship credit may be available through the Writing Program. Curation will be conducted under supervision of Library staff and will involve solicitation, selection, and arrangement of materials and the writing of exhibition materials. Interested parties should contact: 

Rebecca Metzger 
Associate University Librarian for Outreach and Academic Collaboration 
rmetzger [at] library [dot] ucsb [dot] edu