Electronic Resource & Database Access

There will be no off-campus access to Library electronic resources and databases this Friday, November 28 from 6-10pm. Library buildings are also closed for the Thanksgiving holiday during that time.

2-Story Building Closed for Renovation

The UCSB Library's 2-story historic building has been officially closed to the public. That part of the Library will undergo renovations and will not re-open until the Library Addition & Renovation Project is completed, 2 1/2 years from now. The 2-story building housed the Sciences-Engineering Library, Map and Imagery Laboratory, the Government Information Center, the Curriculum Lab, the Interlibrary Loan office, and the Group Commons. All of the collections, services, and offices have been relocated.  Current floor plans are available on our website. Over the next few weeks, we will be redistributing furniture from the two-story building to other parts of the Library, to maximize space for study.

Library Staff Photo

 University Librarian Denise Stephens, Chancellor Henry Yang, Senior Associate Vice Chancellor Marc Fisher, and Library staff prepare for groundbreaking