Writing a Paper on Our Computers?

Most of our computers now have the full version of Microsoft Word. The only exceptions are computers with scanners and those set up just to find reserves materials. So, finding a computer to use is much easier now!

The most reliable way to save your work is to use a USB thumb drive. We highly recommend this method, as it is the best way to protect yourself from losing your work. Also, if a computer loses power or has to be rebooted anything that is saved to our computers will be lost.

If you have emailed a file to yourself and want to edit it, you MUST either save it to a USB drive or to our computer BEFORE making any changes. If you do not do this, your changes won’t be saved.

UCSB students can also save files to U-Storage space.

Good luck with your papers. Don’t forget to Ask a Librarian if you need help with your research.