New Open Access Monograph Series in Classics

The Department of Classics at UC Berkeley has announced the launch of California Classical Monographs, a new open access series that will enable wide dissemination of distinguished, peer-reviewed scholarly monographs in Classics.  With a three-year start-up grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, the series will be offered through the publishing program of the California Digital Library (CDL), providing a venue for exploring models of financial sustainability for scholarly monographs at a time when publication through traditional academic publishers is becoming prohibitively expensive. 

The editorial board is led by Donald Mastronarde of UC Berkeley and includes Robert Morstein-Marx (Classics Department, UCSB) and other faculty from Berkeley and the western United States.  With a goal of issuing up to fifteen titles within three to four years, the series will initially seek submissions from tenured faculty, who need not be affiliated with UC.  The board is also planning to sponsor a competition to publish distinguished first books by junior scholars. 

Along with providing full open access in page view from the date of issue of each monograph, the series will experiment in its start-up phase with pricing models for purchase of print-on-demand and e-book versions, which may include images, data, and other material not available via open access.  Free download of full texts may become available following an embargo period whose length is to be determined. 

More information will become available later this year from the California Classical Monographs website (, which is currently under construction.