James Baldwin
Special Research Collections has acquired a collection of letters from famed author James Baldwin, as well as ephemera related to the Civil Rights Movement. Both collections—which are now open for research—highlight social justice organizing activities during the height of civil unrest in America.
South Asia Archive
UCSB Library now provides online access to the South Asia Archive, an extensive resource of historical documents for UCSB students and faculty across the humanities and social sciences. South Asia Archive is sourced from collectors and archivists in India by the South Asia Research Foundation. It
Wyatt Young
UCSB Library is pleased to introduce a new “Student Assistant Spotlight Series,” posts written by our student employees that highlight the types of projects they work on. Our inaugural post is written by Wyatt Young, a fourth-year undergraduate majoring in History with a minor in the History of Art
Into the Beautiful North
The UC Santa Barbara Library has chosen “Into the Beautiful North” as its 2017 UCSB Reads selection. An annual event now in its 11th year, UCSB Reads engages the campus and the Santa Barbara community in conversations about key topics while reading the same book. UCSB Reads is presented by the UCSB
Egg Chairs
Wed, Nov 30, 10:32 pm | News for Undergraduates, Student Success
Two new egg chairs were unveiled on the 1st Floor, Ocean Side of the Library on December 5, thanks to a gift from UCSB Health & Wellness. UCSB students are encouraged to use the egg chairs to take study breaks. 
The Library of Alexandria, ancient Egypt’s hallowed center of classical learning, was designed to be a universal research center that contained all the books—or scrolls—in the world. Fast-forward 2,300 years. UCSB Library’s contribution to today’s version of a universal library is the Alexandria
Library Website Redesign
The UCSB Library website (www.library.ucsb.edu) just got a major facelift--our first redesign of the site in more than five years. The redesigned website is mobile friendly and takes advantage of increased database-driven functionality to minimize duplicate content. A simplified navigational
You can’t actually try on Helen Keller’s bathing suit (and wouldn’t want to, because it’s cumbersome), but her old-fashioned way is one of more than 13 million items you can see online via the Digital Public Library of America (DPLA). This online portal, available for free to the public at https://
Allen Cohen
Allen Cohen is one for the books … and the paintings; and the poems; and the films; and the plays; and the opera, jazz and classical songs. And the steps. A peek into the bag he was carrying for an interview at the UCSB Library revealed his multitude of interests. It contained copies of The New
IMLS Grant Recipient Badge
The Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) has awarded UCSB Library a $100,000 National Leadership Grant for "Always Already Computational: Library Collections as Data." The funds will be used for a series of meetings to develop strategies around library collections that support