East Asian Library

About the East Asian Library:

The East Asian Library holds our collections in the Chinese, Japanese, and Korean languages.  It is located on the 5th floor of Davidson Library.  Created in 1967, the East Asian Library supports the research and curriculum of the East Asian Language and Cultural Studies Program at UCSB.

Collection Areas

  • About East Asian Language Collections
  • East Asian Bibliography Room:  This area includes current periodicals in Chinese, Japanese and Korean (except newspapers, which are in the Current Serials area on the 2nd floor).  In addition, the most frequently-used reference works for the East Asian Library are located here.
  • Stacks:  The majority of the collection is stored in the East Asian Library stacks (or bookshelves) located in the west end of the floor.  Oversized books are shelved at the beginning of the stacks.

Research Assistance

  • Research in East Asian Studies
  • Research assistance is available in the East Asian Collections Offices located behind the elevators.  We are available to help you weekdays from 8 am to 5 pm.
  • Main Desk:  When the East Asian Library staff is not available, you can ask for assistance at the main reference desk on the 1st floor.

Seating Areas


  • There are 5 public computers in the lobby of the East Asian Library.
  • Print release station #8 is located in this area.

Study Areas

  • Most of the study space in the East Asian Library is located in the lobby and in the East Asian Bibliography Room.
  • Group Study/Conference Room is located behind the elevators; priority is given to classes and conferences.