Library Science Collection Development Policy

Purpose of the Collection

The purpose of collection activity in library science is to support the daily work, professional assignments, and professional development activities of the library staff.

Scope of Coverage

Languages:English is the primary language.

Chronological Limits: The emphasis is on current material. Historical material is collected minimally.

Date of Publication: The emphasis is on current material. Retrospective materials may be purchased as the need arises.

Types of Materials


Individual titles as well as numbered monographic series are purchased. Textbooks are acquired minimally.


Both domestic and international serials are purchased. The emphasis is on core journals to satisfy professional interests.


Major material from international associations, societies, and other learned institutes may be acquired.


Generally hard copy is acquired unless the material is available only in another format.

Electronic versions of materials are also acquired. In addition to the criteria used for judging print materials (authority, content, etc.), other factors are considered. These include:

  • Method of access: non-proprietary protocols such as the world wide web are preferred
  • Availability: access to the entire campus is preferred to library-only access
  • Licensing requirements
  • Availability of archives

For secondary literature, campuswide electronic access is desirable where available and affordable, followed by print access.


Other Resources

Sources Outside UCSB: Interlibrary loan is used heavily. Many requests for older materials are satisfied through ILL, but if the demand is of a continuing nature the material is considered for acquisition.


Policy Last Updated: October 2004