Communication Collection Development Policy


To support instruction and research through the doctoral level for the UCSB Department of Communication; also the Institute for Social, Behavioral, and Economic Research (ISBER), as well as related social science disciplines.


Subject Areas: Departmental emphasis is on mass, interpersonal, gender, intergenerational, organizational, global, and media communication. The collection is selected based upon current research interests of the Communication faculty.

Languages: Materials acquired are in English language.

Chronological Limits: Emphasis is on current research.

Date of publication: Most material dates from the 1980s to the present.

Geographical areas: Emphasis is primarily on the United States, with some publications acquired about foreign countries for policy comparison.



Materials are collected in all formats, with an emphasis on research monographs and academic journals. North American university press titles are received on approval, and other materials are selected individually. Textbooks are selectively purchased. Electronic databases are acquired when available.

Subscriptions to journals are selected in consultation with faculty. Most journals are not acquired in more than one format; in general, electronic versions are preferred, as long as they have reliable and perpetual access.



Author: Leahkim Gannett
Policy Last Updated: October 2011