Buckram Color

Your dissertation binding form includes the selection of a buckram cloth color; the options are illustrated below.  They can also be seen in person by examining the bound journals and preserved materials throughout Davidson Library.
Photograph demonstrating buckram cloth colors
Top row, from left to right: Wine, Brown, Tan, Blue, Light BlueBottom row, left to right: Orange, Red, Black, Green, Light Green

Lettering Color

You also have a choice between Gold and White lettering for the text on your dissertation's spine.  Gold lettering is commonly paired with Black, Wine or Blue buckram but you may choose any color combination you like.
Two journals, one with gold lettering on black, one with white on blue.
Above photo, top to bottom: Gold lettering on Black buckram, White lettering on Blue buckram
Below: White & Gold lettering on Red buckram
Two journals, one with white lettering and the other with gold.
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