We welcome your comments about any aspect of the UCSB Library. If you have a problem that requires immediate assistance, please report it by phone or in person to one of the Library's service desks.

If you are reporting an issue in the library (eg. wireless, cleanliness, temperature, broken equipment), please tell us exactly where in the library you observed the problem. This will help us to resolve the issue more quickly.

If you have experienced or observed an incident of bias, please report using the Intolerance Report Form (UC).

If you would like to recommend a book or other item to purchase for the Library's collection, please fill out the Recommend a Book form

Required fields are marked with a red asterisk (*).

Please be as specific as possible with suggestions, especially as they relate to noise, computer or wireless complaints, and building maintenance issues. Exact dates, times, and locations (floor, room number, other location, computer number, etc.) of problems can help us to more accurately investigate and respond.