COVID 19 UPDATE:   Due to the library closure, we are unable to process any scan requests until further notice.  Please make use of our existing digital content, linked here if you are unable to find available scans in our FrameFinder .



Use these tools and links to explore our collections of aerial photography and satellite imagery. These tools are constantly evolving, so some may look better than others. Feedback is always appreciated!

If you have any questions, please call the (805) 893-2779. You may also email us at special [at] library [dot] ucsb [dot] edu.

Aerial Photography Tools

Find how-to guides on researching our collection, requesting reproductions, and more.


Search for and download for free more than 400,000 individual photographs online.  Request new scans from inside the tool!

Frequently Requested Flights

'Ready Reference' guides to the most useful photography in our collection. Use these guides if you want to assemble a decade-by-decade snapshot of an area located in the greater San Francisco Bay / Sacramento areas, Los Angeles, San Diego, or the tri-counties of Ventura, Santa Barbara, and San Luis Obispo.

Comprehensive Aerial Photography Lists

  • California Counties
    Select a county by name or on a map. Flights that cross county lines will appear in multiple lists.
  • All California Aerial Photography
    Listed by flight code.
  • All other US Flights
    Organized by state. Flights that cross state borders will appear in multiple lists.
  • All US Flights 
    Listed chronologically. This list is also sortable by flight code and scale.
  • Foreign Flights
    Organized by country. Includes flights that cross into the US.
  • All Aerial Photography
    One large list sortable by date, flight code, and scale.
  • Fairchild Flights from Whittier College
    A list of Fairchild Aerial Surveys flights acquired from Whittier College in 2012 can be downloaded as an Excel spreadsheet. Descriptions of the areas covered are included for each flights.
  • Mark Hurd Flights
    A list of Mark Hurd flights including descriptions of the location covered. This list includes all uncatalogued Mark Hurd flights. Cataloged Mark Hurd flights can be found in the aerial photography lists found above.

Finding Aerial Photographs
More about our Aerial Photography Collections