Archive includes primary sources published in the United States, England, France, Haiti, and the Netherlands. Content includes church attitudes toward slavery, census data, correspondence, plantation records, opinion writings on Indigenous Americans and women, legal documents, and maps. Archival sources largely focus on slavery in the United States. Includes bibliographies of slavery and abolition in Latin America, the Caribbean, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. A smaller number of documents are in French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, and Italian.

Part I: Debates over Slavery and Abolition includes documents about the abolitionist movement, anti- and pro-slavery arguments of the period, and the debates on the subject of colonization. 

Part II: Slave Trade in the Atlantic World covers of France, Haiti, Jamaica, Denmark, Portugal, Brazil, Senegal, and others.

Part III: The Institution of Slavery includes documents about slavery as a legal and labor system, the Shong Masacre, the Dememara insurrection, and many other aspects and events.

Part IV: Age of Emancipation covers Lord Dunmore's offer of emancipation in 1788 and Plessy v. Ferguson (1896), views of the Republican Party, postwar problems, and reports from the West Indies and Africa.

Materials Indexed: Archival Materials, Census Data, Correspondence, Diaries, Government Documents, Images, Journals (personal), Letters, Manuscripts, Maps, Memorandums, Newspaper Articles, Primary Sources, Reports Database Type: Archival Collections Interface Language: English Materials Language: English, French Subject: African American Studies, African Studies, American Indian Studies, Anthropology, Black Studies, California History, Caribbean Studies, Feminist Studies, History (U.S.), History (World), Law & Society, News Sources, Primary Sources Broad Category: Ethnic & Gender Studies, Government Information, Humanities, Social Sciences