Although the Library is acquiring information resources in electronic formats at an increasing rate, its physical collections continue to grow and to require shelving within finite space. The Library is committed to enabling efficient access to its collections in ways that best serve the research and teaching needs of faculty and students. The most-used materials are located on site in the Library. Books, journals, sound recordings, and other materials that are less in demand are available from a local Annex and from UC’s regional storage facilities.

Library Annex

The Annex is located near the UCSB campus and primarily houses LP recordings, art books, and art journals. Materials are retrieved from the Annex on weekday afternoons. Material requested by noon on those days will be available for pick up by 5 pm.  Place your request through the UCSB Library Catalog or the Annex Request Form and your items will be retrieved for you.

Southern Regional Library Facililty (SRLF)

SRLF, located on the UCLA campus, is one of two secure, climate-controlled, high-density storage facilities maintained by the UC Libraries.  Together with the Northern Regional Library Facility (NRLF) in Oakland, it enables the UC Libraries to store, preserve, and provide access to low-demand collection materials economically, and thus devote a greater portion of limited onsite shelving space to new acquisitions and other high-demand collection materials.  SRLF houses selected low-demand materials in the UCSB collections.  Most of these materials are available to UCSB faculty and students within 1-2 working days upon request via Interlibrary Loan, and they may be checked out for a 1-year, renewable loan.