Q.  What are the benefits of Open Access publishing?

If you retain important copyrights in your work and use one of the alternative forms of publishing that do not place restrictions on access, you enlarge your audience, increase the sharing of knowledge, and accelerate research.  To learn more, please visit the University of California's Office Scholarly Communication site or the UCSB Library Scholarly Communication site.

Q.  Who is eligible?

Effective July 1, 2016, the UCSB Open Access Fund will only be accepting applications from assistant professors, post docs, and graduate students. We request that authors with funding from external grants or contracts not utilize funds in order to allow others to share in the benefit of open publcations.  Exception:  If authors have external funding that is earmarked for other expenses, they are eligible for funding.

Q.  What types of fees will the fund cover?

Authors can be reimbursed for open access processing fees for:

    • Fully open access journals - fees to publish in journals in which all articles are immediately available open access to all readers; the journal has no subscription fees.
    • Open access monographs - fees for publishing open access ebooks that undergo a rigorus editorial process with a reputable publisher.
    • Open data archives and publications - fees charged by a data repository for archiving open access data, and publication fees by open access publications, which publish data.
    • Open access conference proceedings - fees to publish papers in fully open access conference proceedings.

Funds are for unpublished research.  Publications must be made freely available at the time of initial publication with no embargo periods. 

Funds are NOT available to cover color charges, page charges, illustration charges, submisson charges, or article publication charges (APCs) in hybrid journals, subscription journals with an open access option.  Authors publishing in subscription in journals can make there articles open access by despositing the Word version of their article in an open access respository like eScholarship.

 As with all research, authors are encouraged to publish in high quality publications. 

Q.  How much will the fund pay?

Authors are eligible for up to $3,000 per year in publication fees, while funds are available.  Reimbursement requests must be submitted within three months of publication.  The Fund is subject to funding restraints, and may be suspended if annual allocations are depleted.

Q.  Is this related to the UC Open Access Policy for the University of California?

No.  The UC Open Access Policy gives UC authors the right to make their articles published in subscription journals open access by depositing their the final Word version (after it's been peer reviewed) of the article in a open access repository like eScholarship.  The Fund supports authors who choose to publish in an open access journal.  There are two ways to make publications open access, 1) publishing with an open access publisher or 2) despositing publications in an open access repository.

Q.  How is the Open Access Fund supported?

There is no permanent source of funding.  The Fund has been being supported by the UCSB Academic Senate, the Office of the Executive Vice Chancellor, and the California Digital Library.  The Fund is subject to funding restraints, and may be suspended when depleted.