Mission Statement

The SANE Library Committee’s mission is to encourage and actively support the 2007 UC “Policy on Sustainable Practices
The policy’s core principles are:

  • minimizing the use of non-renewable energy sources
  • incorporating energy efficiencies and sustainability principles in all operations and maintenance practices within budgetary constraints
  • minimizing the amount of UC-generated waste sent to landfills
  • reducing energy consumption

Who We Are

SANE is a committee is made up of Librarians and Staff. We meet regularly, assist with recycling, and support and promote outreach and education on issues of sustainability. Our committee is involved with the campus-wide sustainability efforts.

What We Do

To accomplish the goal of sustainable business and individual practices, the library's SANE committee encourages sustainable purchasing, greater recycling, and more efficient use of resources. Areas within the library that this may encompass include supplies, paper, toxic materials, energy usage, garbage and recycling.

Some Accomplishments of This Committee Are

  • Providing recycling bins for cans and bottles which SANE committee members are responsible for maintaining;
  • Posting educational information about recycling and conservation (e.g.: poster displays during "dead" week and finals);
  • Encouraging the changing of computer settings to decrease energy consumption;
  • Providing information and encouragement to purchase biodegradable supplies and organic and local foods (e.g.: SANE annually supports the UCSB Reads Kickoff Reception).
  • As part of the 2009 Campus team, the SANE committee took an active role in the national collegiate Recyclemania competition. Contributions included:
    • sponsoring a noon discussion with Eco-Facts author, Barbara Hirsch, on "Ethics and Recycling";
    • developing a series of posters illustrating the benefits of recycling for Library display;
    • developing a display of books on environmental & recycling issues;
    • creating a selective bibliography of local library holdings (SBPL, UCSB, SBCC ) of print & online sources about environmental issues.

SANE Committee Members

Margaret Rankin, chair; Kitty Doughtery, Ann Hefferman, and Kristen LaBonte. Barbara Hirsch was the first chair of SANE, now retired.