800 to 1815

The Medieval and Early Modern Data Bank is a project established at Rutgers University and originally cosponsored by the Research Libraries Group (RLG), Inc. Its aim is to provide scholars with an expanding library of information in electronic format on the medieval and early modern periods of European history, circa 800-1815 C.E. MEMDB contains five large data sets, three pertaining to currency exchanges and two pertaining to prices:

  • Currency Exchanges (Metz) contains monetary data from Rainer Metz, Geld, Währung und Preisentwicklung: der Niederrheinraum im europäischen Vergleich, 1350-1800 (Frankfurt am Main, 1990).
  • Currency Exchanges (Mueller) contains monetary data supporting material presented in Reinhold C. Mueller, The Venetian Money Market: Banks, Panics, and the Public Debt, 1200-1500 (Baltimore, 1997).
  • Currency Exchanges (Spufford) contains all currency exchange quotations compiled by Peter Spufford and published in his Handbook of Medieval Exchange (London, 1986).
  • Prices (Metz) contains grain prices supplied by Rainer Metz and compiled for the printed edition of Dietrich Ebeling and Franz Irsigler, Getreideumsatz, Getreide- und Brotpreise in Köln, 1368-1797 (Köln, 1976).
  • Prices (Posthumus) contains prices drawn from primary sources and published in Nicholaas Wilhelmus Posthumus, Nederlandsche Prijsgeschiedenis (Leiden, 1943).
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