1891 - 2008

Twentieth-Century Drama will contain 2,500 plays in English from around the world. Unlike other drama collections available today, it features mostly copyright texts unavailable elsewhere in electronic form including many out-of-print works that are difficult to obtain. Includes popular forms such as farce, musical comedy, thriller, and improvised and collective theatre that are often under-represented in academic surveys of the period; canonical authors alongside radical theatre (from suffragette plays to South African 'Theatre of the Oppressed'); hard to find works including neglected women writers and postcolonial and minority literatures. Global coverage includes US, UK, Africa, Ireland, Canada, India, Australasia, Caribbean and a diverse range of local, national, ethnic, regional theater traditions.

Materials Indexed: Monologues, Plays Database Type: Full Text Collection Interface Language: English Materials Language: English Subject: Dramatic Arts, Playscripts, Theater -- Plays Broad Category: Humanities