1907 - present, with selected pre-1907 material

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Database Information:

SciFinder provides user friendly interfaces for searching by author, topic or chemical substance in the Chemical Abstracts Service databases:

  • Over 40 million document records of the CAPLUS file, from 1907 to present, and selected records from before 1907, covering journal articles, patents, conference papers, technical reports, dissertations and more.
  • Over 156 million substance records of the CAS REGISTRY file (over 91 million organic and inorganic "small molecules" and over 62 million polypeptide and polynucleotide sequences), with links to commercial availability information and regulatory information for many substances, and an ever-growing array of calculated and experimental property data for many substances.
  • Over 77 million single and multi-step organic reaction records of the CASREACT file.
  • Over one million searchable Markush structures from the chemical patents of the MARPAT file.
  • It also searches the MEDLINE database of over 28 million records from the world's biomedical literature.

SciFinder includes structure drawing tools for structure and substructure searching of chemicals and reactions, and similarity searching of organic compounds.

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  • Note: SciFinder Mobile does not work with the Apple iPad. Logging into SciFinder on the iPad will take you to the regular SciFinder Web version. Note that structure searching is not available on the iPad, as the Apple iOS is not presently compatible with Java.
Materials Indexed: Conference Proceedings, Journal Articles, Patents & Trademarks, Technical Reports, Theses & Dissertations Database Type: Index Interface Language: English Materials Language: Multiple languages Subject: Biochemistry, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Materials Science & Engineering, Patents, Technical Reports Broad Category: Engineering, Sciences