1876 - present

Nikkei Telecom 21 (日経テレコン) is a reputable newspaper database in business and economics from Japan.  It offers Japanese and English articles in full text and statistics, as well as corporate information from numerous sources, including the following:

  • Nihon keizai shinbun 日本経済新聞 = The Nikkei: Oct. 1981-present, and the archive (including the earlier title of Chūgai bukka shinpō 中外物価新報): Dec. 2, 1876-Dec. 31, 1958
  • Nikkei sangyō shinbun 日経産業新聞 = Nikkei Business Daily: Oct. 1981-present
  • Nikkei ryūtsu shinbun 日経流通新聞 = Nikkei MJ: Oct. 1985-present
  • Nikkei kin’yū shinbun 日経金融新聞 = Nikkei Financial Daily: Oct. 1987-Jan. 31, 2008
  • Nikkei Magazine: Mar. 2005-present
  • Nikkei Plus 1: Apr. 2000-present
  • Nikkei Company Profile: 30,000 company profiles
  • Corporate Financial Summary: latest 3 fiscal years of 1,700 listed companies except banks, securities, insurance
  • Nikkei Who’s Who: 20,000 corporate executive profiles
  • Nikkei English News: last 7 days
  • Major Articles (English):
    • From the Nikkei: Nov. 11, 1986-present
    • From the Nikkei VERITAS: May 16, 1988-present
    • From the Nikkei Business Daily: May 16, 1988-present
    • From the Nikkei MJ: Feb. 1, 1991-present 
  • The Nikkei Weekly: July 5, 1983-present

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