LandScan is produced by Oak Ridge National Laboratory.  The dataset is an estimate of population per 30 arc second pixel (better than 1 square kilometer) for the entire earth for the years 2000-2011.  UCSB has access to this dataset via a web application, from inside of desktop GIS software, and as one large file available in the Map & Imagery Lab.  The 2011 dataset includes population distributions changes based on the 2010 US Census and the 2011 Japanese earthquake and nuclear disaster.

Methods of Access:

There are three methods of access:

  • A web application is available on campus and off-campus via the VPN or the proxy server.  We strongly recommend the VPN; LandScan is much less stable via proxy.
  • Desktop GIS users can access the dataset from inside your applications via these two URLs:

Additional information is available directly from EastView.

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