Civil War Era contains newspapers and pamphlets which were previously unavailable digitally. The database covers a vast range of topics including the formative economic factors and other forces that led to the abolitionist movement, the 600,000 battle casualties, and the emancipation of nearly 4 million slaves.

Newspaper Sources (1840-1865)

ProQuest Civil War Era allows researchers to follow the development of issues leading to the Civil War as recorded in the papers of the South, North, Mississippi Valley, and Border States. Many interrelated forces influenced the course of events during this 25-year period, and Civil War Era allows serious researchers to discover the details.

  • Southern Titles: Richmond Dispatch (Virginia), Charleston Mercury (South Carolina), New Orleans Times Picayune (Louisiana)
  • Northern Titles: Boston Herald, New York Herald, Columbus State Journal (Ohio)
  • Border State/Mississippi Valley Titles: The Kentucky Daily Journal, Memphis Daily Appeal

Pamphlets from two important collections

Pamphlets (often 20-40 page treatises) were the op-ed pieces of their day. They provided an outlet for individuals to express their views through an alternative channel. These respected pamphlet collections are a perfect complement to the variety of editorial perspectives included in the newspapers.

  • Slavery and Anti-Slavery Pamphlets from the Libraries of Salmon P. Chase & John P. Hale includes 166 pamphlets, speeches, reports, legal opinions, and convention proceedings covering slavery, and anti-slavery movements, and the conditions of African-Americans after the Civil War
  • Civil War Pamphlets 1861-1865 includes 1,758 pamphlets illustrating the war of words during the conflict. These pamphlets provide a broad ranging view of the issues and attitudes that led to the war and its impact on American society. Included in the collection are biographies, campaign literature, government documents, journals, presidential addresses, sermons, and speeches.
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