The Music Library has unique facilities designed to enhance use of the collections for research and instruction.

Seminar Rooms

  • Two rooms: 2406 (large), 2408-A (medium)
    • available to Music faculty and Library staff by reservation -- (805) 893-2641
    • available to general patrons (with library card) on first-come, first-served basis, when not otherwise scheduled
  • Equipment
    • data projectors and screens
    • audio and video inputs for patron laptops
    • stereo, multiple-input amplifiers and speaker systems
    • LP turntables; CDs, VHS tape, and DVD players
    • additional equipment in 2406:
      • cassette player
      • desktop PC

Audio-Visual Facilities

  • Listening and viewing facilities for UCSB students, faculty, staff, and community users
    • requiring library card:
      • 7 individual listening rooms: 2408-C, D, F, G, L, N, P
        • amplifier, speakers, CD player, LP turntable
      • 1 individual digital listening room: 2408-K
        • powered speakers, audio device input
      • 2 video viewing rooms: 2408-E, J
        • Room E: DVD and VHS players, large-screen viewer, amplifier and theater-sound system
        • Room J: DVDs from any region and PAL VHS formats; amplifier and speakers
    • requiring UCSB Net ID:
      • 10 desktop PCs with CD/DVD drives
      • headphones available for checkout from Music Service Desk
    • open-access (no library account needed)
      • 1 listening station in study area
        • cassette player, CD player, LP turntable, VHS player with monitor

Score-Reading Room

  • Piano room for reading music scores

Scanning, Copying, Printing

  • 1 standing scanner (KIC) and 1 flat-bed scanner with PC
  • photocopier in Music Library lobby (10¢ per page)
    • 8½ x 11", 8½ x 14", 11 x 17" paper available
  • GauchoPrint service available in the Music Library lobby, 2nd floor (LIBR print queue)
    • 8½ x 11" paper only, B&W only