Arts Library Project

The Library is creating a new Arts Library by bringing together the Music and Art & Architecture Collections into a modernized space in the main Library building. The Music Library will permanently close to the public on Monday, August 5. Music collection materials will be inaccessible to patrons for the approximately eight weeks it takes to move all collections into the Arts Library. Music Course Reserves and Interlibrary Loan pick-ups will move to the main Library Services Desk at the start of Summer Sessions on June 24. Please visit the Arts Library Project page for the latest project information.

The Music Library has unique facilities designed to enhance use of the collections for research and instruction.

Seminar Rooms

  • Two rooms: 2406 (large), 2408-A (medium)
    • available to Music faculty and Library staff by reservation -- (805) 893-2641
    • available to general patrons (with library card) on first-come, first-served basis, when not otherwise scheduled
  • Equipment
    • data projectors and screens
    • audio and video inputs for patron laptops
    • stereo, multiple-input amplifiers and speaker systems
    • LP turntables; CDs, VHS tape, and DVD players
    • additional equipment in 2406:
      • cassette player
      • desktop PC

Audio-Visual Facilities

  • Listening and viewing facilities for UCSB students, faculty, staff, and community users
    • requiring library card:
      • 7 individual listening rooms: 2408-C, D, F, G, L, N, P
        • amplifier, speakers, CD player, LP turntable
      • 1 individual digital listening room: 2408-K
        • powered speakers, audio device input
      • 2 video viewing rooms: 2408-E, J
        • Room E: DVD and VHS players, large-screen viewer, amplifier and theater-sound system
        • Room J: DVDs from any region and PAL VHS formats; amplifier and speakers
    • requiring UCSB Net ID:
      • 10 desktop PCs with CD/DVD drives
      • headphones available for checkout from Music Service Desk
    • open-access (no library account needed)
      • 1 listening station in study area
        • cassette player, CD player, LP turntable, VHS player with monitor

Score-Reading Room

  • Piano room for reading music scores

Scanning, Copying, Printing

  • 1 standing scanner (KIC) and 1 flat-bed scanner with PC
  • photocopier in Music Library lobby (10¢ per page)
    • 8½ x 11", 8½ x 14", 11 x 17" paper available
  • GauchoPrint service available in the Music Library lobby, 2nd floor (LIBR print queue)
    • 8½ x 11" paper only, B&W only