The Map & Imagery Laboratory (MIL) receives no funding for services to persons not affiliated with the University of California, or for non-UC work done by persons who are students, faculty or staff of the University of California. Fees have therefore been implemented to cover the cost of staff time and of all overhead, including maintenance and purchase of collections and equipment.

For best results, please familiarize yourself with the following before scheduling an appointment:

Imagery Searches: In-person

  • Full reference service is available from 9:00am to 5:00pm Monday through Friday. Air photos may be viewed until 6pm, Monday through Thursday nights, during fall, winter, and spring quarters while classes are in session; there is limited reference assistance from 5 until 6pm. To ensure that researchers have enough time to research the collections, appointments are required. Appointments must begin before 2:00pm. To schedule an appointment call (805) 893-2779.
  • Requests for scanning must be made before 4:30 p.m.
  • Frames pulled for a search may be viewed the following day free of charge; please notify staff to make these arrangements.  No additional frames may be pulled without additional search fees.  Additional viewing days will be charged at $10/day.
  • Conducting a search does not guarantee that there will be coverage of that area.  Users may consult lists of flights for general preliminary information; MIL must receive payment before proceeding with a search. 
  • Fees paid for searches and reproductions will not be refunded.
  • A site is defined as a single point location (such as an address or building), or a single continuous feature (such as a beach or a slough) 60 square miles or less in size; as a comparison this is approximately the size of the area covered by one USGS 1:24,000 quadrangle.
  • If a flight is available in digital form the hardcopy prints will not be pulled for viewing unless specifically requested.
  • Letters of certification written by MIL staff are available, for $45 per hour of staff time.
  • $65 to view up to 20 flights of a single site location in one day.  Each flight over 20 will be charged $3 to view.   Additional viewing days may incur additional charges. 
  • Limited Search (up to 3 specified flights): $30 per site/day. Specified flights may be derived from our on-line indexes or other sources. Full search fee applies if additional flights are needed.
  • In-house viewing of specific frames that have been identified using our on-line indexes: $10 fee per site. NOTE: No indexes or additional frames pulled without full search fee.
  • For reproduction options, see “Reproduction Options for Non-UC Users of the Map & Imagery Lab.”

Specified Frame Reproduction Requests

If specific frames of interest have been identifited using our on-line indexes you may request reproductions without conducting a search. Online indexes do not guarantee that MIL has complete holdings of each flight. MIL is not responsible for incorrect choice of frames. See our Reproduction Options for Non-UC Users page for details.

Imagery Searches Done by MIL Staff (Remote Searches)

MIL staff will on a time-available basis perform searches; please note that the department's first priority remains the UC academic community, and patrons that come to MIL in person. MIL must have proof of payment pending before a search is begun. A copy of a company purchase order via FAX or email that the library can bill against as payment of the search fee - is acceptable.  A fax or scan to MIL of a copy of your check (made out to U.C. Regents) will enable staff to begin the search; search results will not be released until the check is received. See our Remote Services page for details.