The Library is currently re-organizing its cartographic collections.

Spatial data is data that is easily viewable using a standard desktop GIS such as ArcMap or QGIS.  The UCSB Library has a long history of collecting, providing access to, and developing novel search and discovery tools to spatial data.

In 2014 we assessed more than 20 years worth of collections for inclusion in the new Alexandria Digital Research Library.  We are actively working to include spatial data into this new system.

All data collections are all available in the Library.  Network Data Collections are availble on workstations in the Interdisciplinary Research Collaboratory.  MIL staff can retrieve CD- and DVD-ROMs.  Please contact MIL or Collaboratory staff if you need help finding or using data.

MIL spatial data collections include:


 More information about data both on and off campus:

  • by geography (campus, city, county, state, etc.)
  • by type (elevation models, georeferenced maps, demographic, etc.)


Other pages of interest: