The "Request" function allows you to borrow items from other libraries through Interlibrary Loan.

Find the item in Melvyl and verify that UCSB does not own a copy or, if we do, that the copy is checked out.

Click on the Request button.  

Fill in the requested information.

If you do not see this screen, you may have a pop-up blocker that is preventing it from opening.

Your password is the same one you use for the library catalog which, unless you have changed it, is the same as your library card or Access Card number, and the same information you use for "My Library Account" in the library catalog.

Fill in the requested information.

When you submit, you will see a confirmation screen. You must awknowledge your acceptance of copyright restrictions by clicking on the Process My Request Now button.

Awknowledge your acceptance  by clicking on

You should see a confirmation notice. If you receive an error message saying "You have entered an account number that is not recognized. Please be sure you are using the correct library card/account number for your campus," verify your library card number and password (this is the same information you use for "My Library Account" in the library catalog). For questions about your library card number or password, contact Circulation Services.

If you have any trouble with Melvyl requests, contact the Interlibrary Loan office in the UCSB Library.

Do not forget to click on the Sign out link.