We are currently updating our circulation policies to reflect our new organization structure.   

Please refer to our Reproductions Policies page.


Free downloads of USGS topo maps are available from USGS.

Photocopies of portions of maps are also available in color or black and white. Our copiers can make 8 ½” x 11” and 11” x 17” copies.

Map scanning is currently not available.


Atlases and Books

Atlases can provide great illustrations for term papers and PowerPoint presentations. Photocopiers are available in MIL, however, we recommend scanning pages from our atlases. Self-service scanners are available in the Government Information Center, located outside MIL. Most of our atlases can be borrowed. Visit our circulation page for details.

Aerial Photographs

Please refer to our Aerial Photo page for information about downloading scanned images and requesting scans.

Digital Data

A large selection of CD-ROMs and DVDs accessible via UCSB Library Search
See our GI Science Research Guide for tips on searching the catalog for spatial data

Please contact Interdisciplinary Research Collaboratory staff if you need help finding or using data.

To learn more about available digital data, check out our digital data page.