In consultation with UCSB’s Academic Senate Committee on Library, Information, & Instructional Resources, the UCSB Library has begun phasing out the main Annex, that contains primarily back runs of periodicals. By relying on the UC Regional Library Facilities (RLF) for access to these materials the Library will be able to redirect $250K per year spent on the lease and upkeep of the Annex into the acquisition of new collections. There will be no loss of collection content and Library users will be able to request and receive PDF delivery of articles from the RLFs within 1-2 business days, or print volumes within 2-3 days.  For more details, view the PDF memo.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  How long will it take to phase out the main Annex?
With additional resources allocated to shorten the timeline, the project is expected to be completed within two years.  
2.  How many annexes does the Library maintain?
Two.  In addition to the main Annex, the Library also leases a second, smaller annex that houses primarily special collections.  There are no plans to phase out this facility.  
3.  How can I find journals that are in the Regional Library Facilities?
Print journals and other resources housed in the Regional Library Facilities are fully indexed, discoverable, and requestable in Melvyl.  The UC Libraries are investigating an integrated systemwide library platform that, once implemented within the next few years, will enable RLF materials and all UC campus collections to be discoverable as if they were a single collection.  
4.  How many of the journals in the main Annex are accessible online?  
An estimated 20 percent of journals in the main Annex are accessible in a secure online archive such as JSTOR.  Many other Annex journals are accessible via a full-text database such as Academic Search Complete.   
5.  Why can’t the materials be returned to the Library?  Didn’t we just build an addition?
New space that resulted from the recently completed Library Building and Renovation Project was allocated to house special collections and address demand for collaborative study spaces.  For the general collections, there was a net loss of space because of the required 14-percent reduction of the 8-story tower due to seismic retrofitting. As exceptions, a small number of journals from the main Annex will be returned to the Library based on usage data and review by subject librarians.  
6.  Do the other UC libraries maintain local storage facilities for their general collections?
No.  UCSB is the only library in the system that has relied on local storage for its general collections.  (The UC San Diego Library houses print journals for the Western Regional Storage Trust in a local storage facility.)

If you have additional questions, please contact your subject librarian.