Color Copier

  • There is no color copier in the Library.
  • One is available in Alternative Digital Printing in the UCen near Corwin Pavilion.

Color Printer

  • There are no color printers in the Library.
  • Color printing is available in the Student Resource Building and at the Alternative Digital Printing in the UCen near Corwin Pavilion.

Campus Security Officers Escort Service

  • Campus CSOs can provide personal safety escorts on campus and in Isla Vista. Call campus extension x2000 or call from a Red Emergency phone (located throughout campus).

DVD Player

  • DVD players for public use are located in the lower level of the first floor of Davidson Library and in the Arts Library. 
  • DVDs can also be played on our public computers, but you must bring your own headphones.

Fax Machines (Available to public)

  • There are no public fax machines located in the Library.
  • There are fax machines located in the UCEN, at Alternative Digital Printing.

Hole Punch

  • 3-hole punches are located on the Supply Tables near copiers on the 1st Floor Central, near Reference Desk, and 2nd Floor Central near Current Serials.

La Cumbre

  • UCSB's annual/yearbook, "La Cumbre." Search the UCSB Library Catalog under "La Cumbre" or call number: LD 800 S35L.
  • Archival copies are in University Archives - Special Collections, 3rd Floor, South Wing, x3062.