If you find an item in the library catalog that is located in the Annex, you can often request it directly from the catalog.
Find the item in the library catalog, then click on the Library and Call Number link. In this example, you are looking for an issue of Oceanography and Marine Biology.
Example of a results screen.

In the resulting screen, you will see that the volume you want is located in the Annex. Scroll down to the specific volume and issue you need. Click on the Recall/Retrieve link.
If the screen for your item displays no details nor any Recall/Retrieve buttons, go here.
In this example, you want an issue from 1966, volume 4. Find it and click on the Recall/Retrieve link.
Example of holdings screen with

You will be asked to identify yourself. Enter your library card or Access Card number and password. This is the 14-digit number on your library card or Access Card. Your password is this same number until you choose to change it.
Example of a log-in screen.

Click on the Login button. Confirm your request by review and editing information as needed. Then click Submit Request.
Example of request form

Note: Not all items have a request option.
For example, you want an issue of the USSR Space Life Sciences Digest. Find it in the library catalog, then click on the item's Library and Call Number.
Example of an item with no

In the screen, there are no details nor place to request an item. Write down the information and use the manual Request an Item from the Annex form instead.
Screenshot showing information needed for an Annex request.Do not forget to click on the Sign out link.

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