See also the Library Pilot Program for Users with Disabilities. The goal of the pilot program is to provide expanded services when needed.

Library users with disabilities may request assistance in retrieving materials from the stacks at the UCSB Library Services Desk. You may also request assistance from library employees  who are reshelving library materials.

There may be times, such as holiday and evening hours, during which the level of staffing at a library or at a particular service desk may prevent staff from immediately providing these services. We recommend that you call ahead to determine when and to what extent these services can be provided. These services are provided for all library users unless specifically noted as resticted to UCSB students, faculty, or staff.

Materials may be checked out through regular circulation procedures. You may wish to have another individual (a proxy) check out requested materials for you. If so, you need to register with the Disabled Students Program. You can then either complete a Library Material Request Form which allows the proxy to borrow specifically-requested materials, or you can provide the proxy with a letter that includes the following information:

  • Name of student with disability
  • Call numbers and titles of material requested
  • Name of authorized person to check out the materials
  • Student's library barcode number
  • Include the statement: I understand I am responsible for ALL UCSB LIBRARY MATERIAL charged to my library card by this authorization.
  • Signature of student
  • Date

For information about retrieving library materials, contact the Services Desk at (805) 893-3491 or

Faculty members may also designate an assistant to act as a proxy for them in checking out materials. See Proxy Borrowers for more information.