Students who require library assistance beyond that offered in the procedures stated above should use this program. The library, in collaboration with the Disabled Students Program (DSP), will make every effort to provide access to materials.

Students who are registered with DSP and who have special needs in retrieving, gathering, or photocopying materials, should contact the Director of DSP, the case specialist, or other designated DSP staff members. Once the appropriate accommodation is determined, DSP will advise the library staff of the special need(s) along with the name and perm number of the DSP student who is eligible for special assistance. Once this has been done, you can then meet with the appropriate library staff to facilitate individual requests. The library contact for this service is:

There will typically be no charge for special access services. The library reserves the right to determine the appropriate volume of work it will accept. This program will continue to be reviewed and evaluated to determine what changes, if any, should be made.

Faculty with disabilities may also use this form to make requests. Alternatively, faculty may designate an assistant to act as a proxy for them in checking out materials. See Proxy Borrowers for more information.