For many years, the UCSB Library, along with libraries across the country, has been struggling with the rising costs of scholarly publications and flat budgets.  One way that we deal with this situation is to pool resources with other UC libraries, which allows us to provide access to research materials that we would not be able to support on our own.

In a review process using a new methodology and metrics developed by the California Digital Library, UC librarians collaborated to assess the value of our subscription journal titles across the various publisher packages, mindful of local research needs.  Value is determined not just by cost but also by quality and utility.  For example, the value of a journal takes into account its impact factor, number of UC citations and number of articles by UC authors, keeping in mind disciplinary differences. 

UCSB libraries have been reviewing our bundled journal packages based on these new metrics, with the goal of gaining greater control over what we pay for and creating a more sustainable pricing model for resources that best support UCSB researchers.