There are several ways to find foreign language materials in the library catalog.

Use Advanced Search and Limit by Language

  • Used the "Advanced Search" function in the library catalog.
  • Enter a search.
  • Limit by language from the “language” list.

Search in the Language Using Native Script

  • Works well for languages that use the Latin alphabet and for materials in Chinese, Japanese, or Korean.
  • Works well for materials in Arabic, Persian, or Hebrew that were added to the collection after 2001.
  • For most other non-Latinized languages, native script searching will only retrieve materials recently added to the collection.  To do comprehensive searches for materials in these languages, you will need to use transliterated searches.

Transliterated Searches

  • Search authors and titles in non-Latin alphabet languages using standard library transliteration schemes.
  • ALA-LC Romanization Tables (for non-Latin alphabet languages).

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