Sketching the Future Directions of UCSB Library

UCSB Library, always looking ahead, has created a roadmap to its future as a 21st-century learning and service destination. During the 2013-14 academic year, the Library led high-level conversations with campus stakeholders — students, faculty, and administrators — to analyze recent survey data and to help sketch key priorities and directions. The Library then sought feedback on a draft of the roadmap from the entire campus community, and made refinements. In 2014-15, the Library facilitated conversations internally, with librarians, department heads, and other employees, for their perspective on the draft and how the Library can and should respond to changing user needs.

The result is the strategic roadmap below that we will use to guide us in our work in the years to come. Thank you for your participation in defining the future of our Library.

UC Santa Barbara Library enables exploration and collaboration for scholars in their intellectual engagement with the world of ideas and the creation of knowledge.

UCSB Library empowers a lifetime of research, discovery, and learning. Through leadership and advocacy, the Library will achieve its mission and vision by employing innovative and collaborative strategies in three areas:

Research & Learning Resources
• Explore with faculty new strategies to provide necessary scholarly information to support the campus’ research and teaching missions.
• Increase visibility of the Library’s distinctive collections and their value for enhancing research and learning outcomes.
• Align information resources with the strengths of the UCSB campus and its commitment to interdisciplinary research and learning.
• Facilitate the discovery and use of data and information created and published by UCSB researchers and scholars.

Discovery & Delivery Services
• Develop programs and contribute to collaborative programs that foster student success.
• Promote services that offer personalized discovery, collaboration, accessibility, and timely availability of scholarly information.
• Enhance user competence and confidence in the evaluation and use of information through instructional design and relevant technologies.
• Build innovative services to enrich the impact of UCSB teaching and research.

User Experience & Engagement
• Create a welcoming, comfortable, safe, and inspiring experience, both physically and virtually.
• As the intellectual and cultural commons of campus, serve as a forum for students and faculty to share their work and knowledge.
• Integrate resources and services into non-Library learning spaces through partnerships across campus.
• Optimize delivery systems to provide access to relevant resources and services regardless of location, resource type, or technological platform.

To achieve these outcomes and ensure organizational effectiveness, the Library will:
• Develop and sustain best practices related to assessment and planning.
• Understand and communicate the Library’s contributions to the mission of the campus.
• Adapt and reconfigure programs and services to provide the value needed by users.
• Be a thoughtful and collaborative partner in UC-wide Library governance and initiatives.
• Create capacity for and capitalize on innovation.
• Develop sustainable resource and funding models with the University and other partners.