Special Collections: News & Events

The Special Collections News Archive contains summaries of press releases about prominent news developments. The heading of each item links to the full text of that story.

The UCSB Campus: From Schoolhouse to University

In the summer of 1996 Special Collections presented the exhibit entitled, “The UCSB Campus: From Schoolhouse to University.” The focus of the display was on the physical development of the Goleta campus, but also included the earlier campuses.

Cultural Aspects of Death

The Department of Special Collections’ exhibit, “Cultural Aspects of Death,” was held in conjunction with activities sponsored by the Interdisciplinary Humanities Center and the University Art Museum.

African American Materials in Special Collections

This exhibit highlighted African American materials in the Department of Special Collections.

Japanese Experience in California

This exhibit highlighted Special Collections materials on Japanese immigrants in California.

The American Civil War - A Personal Account

This exhibit highlighted American Civil War materials from the Wyles Collections, including correspondence and diaries of Civil War soldiers.

American Women Poets

This exhibit highlighted American women poets in Special Collections' literary holdings.