Overnight Study Service

Overnight Study is available on the 1st and 2nd floors of Davidson Library, and begins after regular building hours. Overnight Study is restricted to UCSB students, faculty, and staff. You need to swipe your campus ID at the main west entrance to gain access or to regain access to the building during overnight hours. You also may be asked by Library or security personnel to present your campus ID to verify your status as a UCSB student, faculty, or staff during overnight hours. All non-UCSB affiliates must exit the Library when Overnight Study begins.

You must have the latest generation of UCSB Access ID Card to enter the building. The newer-generation cards were issued starting in 2012. To determine whether you have the newer Access ID Card, look on the back of the card (on the side with the horizontal black stripe). If you see the UCSB seal and a series of numbers along the bottom at the right, you have the latest generation (see samples below). Library users with older cards must upgrade to a newer one.

Samples of new, old Access ID cards

The study area is secure and monitored by campus safety personnel. It includes access to library computers, Wi-Fi, printers, bill changers, copy machines, scanners, vending machines, and reference collections in the open areas.

The Circulation/Reserves desk, Reference/Information desk and floors 3 through 8 are closed during overnight hours.

For Overnight Study hours on specific days, see the Davidson Library hours page.

NOTE: Overnight Study is offered for limited hours ("Late Night Study") on holidays, during summer session, and during university recess periods.