Electronic Resource & Database Access

There will be no off-campus access to Library electronic resources and databases this Friday, November 28 from 6-10pm. Library buildings are also closed for the Thanksgiving holiday during that time.

Guidelines for the UCSB Open Access Fund Pilot

What the UCSB-OAF Pilot funds cover:

Publication charges for not yet published research 
Publications must be made immediately available, no embargo periods

What the UCSB-OAF Pilot funds do NOT cover:

Color charges
Page charges
Illustration fees
Submission charges

What content types are eligible:

Peer reviewed journal articles
Conference proceedings
Data sets

Types of journals supported:

Scholarly peer reviewed fully open access journals.  Hybrid journas that offer publication fee discounts to UC authors. 

Who is eligible for funding:

Post-doctoral scholars
Graduate students
Other non-Senate academic appointees

Author affiliation must list the UC campus providing the funding

For works with multiple authors, at least one author must be affiliated with UCSB.

Other conditions:

Authors must cite the fund as a source of support.

External funding:

The pilot is limited to authors with no external funding.  Exception:  If authors have external funding that is earmarked for other expenses, they are eligible for funding under the UCSB-OAF pilot.

UC researchers are encouraged to add open access fees or article publication charges to their grant proposals.

Amount of reimbursement:

Up to $3,000 in publication fees for the duration of pilot period, 18-24 months.  Reimbursement requests must be submitted within three months of publication.  This is a pilot program subject to funding restraints.