Guidelines for the UCSB Open Access Fund Pilot

The UCSB Open Access Fund helps researchers, without external funding, to cover the cost of open access publishing charges for forthcoming publications.  Eligible charges include article processing charges (APCs) for unpublished research in fully open access journals, fees for publishing peer reviewed open access monographs; fees for open access data archiving and data publications; and fees for publishing open access conference proceedings.

UCSB faculty, graduate students, lecturers, post-doctoral scholars, researchers, scientists, librarians, other non-Senate academic appointees, and staff are eligible to apply for funds.  Eligible authors will be reimbursed up to $3,000 in article publication fees per academic year.

The UCSB Academic Senate and Office of the Executive Vice Chancellor are providing the funds in order to support UC researchers interested in reshaping scholarly publishing.  The chief goals of the Fund include fostering greater dissemination of the work of University of California scholars and encouraging faculty control of copyright.

Authors can apply for funds using the online application form.  Following approval, authors have to complete and submit the reimbursement form, along with supporting documention, to be reimbursed for the publicaton fee paid to the publisher. Reimburesement forms must be submitted within three months of the publication date.

What the Open Access fund covers:

Publication charges for not yet published research 
Publications must be made immediately available, no embargo periods

What the Open Access Fund do NOT cover:

Color charges
Page charges
Illustration fees
Submission charges

Open access fees for hybrid journals, subscription journals with an open access option

What content types are eligible:

Peer reviewed journal articles
Conference proceedings
Data sets

Types of journals supported:

Scholarly peer reviewed fully open access journals, listed in the Directory of Open Access Journals 

Who is eligible for funding:

Post-doctoral scholars
Graduate students
Other non-Senate academic appointees


Other conditions:

Authors must cite the fund as a source of support.

External funding:

The Fund is limited to authors with no external funding.  Exception:  If authors have external funding that is earmarked for other expenses, they are eligible for funding.

UC researchers are encouraged to add open access fees or article publication charges to their grant proposals.

Amount of reimbursement:

Up to $3,000 in publication fees per academic year.  Reimbursement requests must be submitted within three months of publication.  This Fund is subject to funding restraints, and may be suspended when annual allocations are depleted.