SETIS Australian Studies Resources

SETIS is a creator of digital editions of Australian literary and historical texts and hosts a number of other Australian Studies Resources, including: # Australian Literary and Historical Texts - the main searchable collection # Australian Classic Works - contemporary Authors on demand at Sydney University Press # Australian Federation Full Text Database - the national debates and auxiliary writings of the 1890's # Australian Cooperative Digitisation Project 1840-45: Novels - literary emergence in the 1840's # Australian Poets: Brennan--Harford--Slessor - 3 major 20th Century poets introduced by John Tranter # Classic Texts in Australian Taxation Law - R.W. Parsons seminal work and other texts # Joseph Henry Maiden Botanical Texts - pioneering botanical texts and images # Professor John Anderson Lectures Notes and Other Writings - manuscripts from the Archives # Journals of Inland Exploration - major encounters with the new geography # First Fleet and Early Settlement - manuscripts and published journals of the First Fleet
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