Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) Country Intelligence

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1996 to present.

EIU Profiles and Reports provide timely analysis and forecasts of the political, economic, social, and business environment in a total of 126 reports about more than 180 countries. They present the political and economic structure of the country, the current political scene, economic policy, domestic economy (covering industry, agriculture, money and finance), foreign trade and payments. Country reports are archived online (web) from 1996 forward. These authoritative and objective publications are a powerful supplement to the often less timely information published by governments and international organizations. For those countries that normally do not produce current information, these studies are a primary means of determining the conditions within a nation. The EIU Annual Profile series is updated by quarterly reports. Country profiles are typically around 70 pages of textual analysis and data on a specific country, while the updating reports are about 30 pages in length. Produced in both HTML and PDF formats, EIU country studies are available electronically from 1996 onward.

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