Alexandria Digital Research Library (ADRL)

From The Lens newsletter for faculty & scholars, Spring 2014:

Alexandria Reinvented as Comprehensive Digital Library

The UCSB Library has developed and just launched the first phase of a new digital library initiative, the Alexandria Digital Research Library (ADRL). ADRL will increase the accessibility of millions of hidden digital research assets already in the Library’s possession and, ultimately, serve as a single federated dashboard or front end to discovering all of the Library’s resources.

ADRL builds on the expertise that UCSB developed in the 1990s with the Alexandria Digital Library (ADL), an online repository for geospatial information. Unlike the old Alexandria Digital Library, the new ADRL will feature diverse collections, disciplines, and information types—including images, text, streamed media, and numeric and spatial data. We are building a flexible repository structure capable of ingesting these various digital objects from multiple locations and delivering them in a consistent format, using trusted metadata description standards.

With ADRL, the Library expands its role as the comprehensive repository of campus knowledge assets. With the first phase completed, the UCSB community now has access to all theses and dissertations created at the University since 2011, when electronic submission became the norm. We will continue over time to collaborate with the Graduate Division, an important partner in this effort, to digitize and add earlier UCSB theses and dissertations.

In phase two, scheduled to be completed in June, a significant subset of the Library’s existing digital collections will be brought into ADRL. In future phases, we will work together with other campus partners to identify additional research collections for digitization and delivery via ADRL.
As this initiative matures, we believe it will facilitate and inspire University conversations regarding what happens to our digital resources once they’re created. The Alexandria Digital Research Library expands and reimagines an important earlier UCSB initiative to capture and preserve digital content and brings our work in the Digital Age up to par with our enduring practices for printed scholarship.

The Alexandria Digital Research Library can be found at A UCSB NetID and password are required to access these full-text documents from off-campus. Many digital items that will be added in future phases of ADRL will be openly accessible to the general public.

We welcome your feedback about this new resource as it continues to develop. Questions about the Alexandria Digital Research Library can be directed to adrl [at] library [dot] ucsb [dot] edu